About Me

I’ve had a fascination with audio amplification since I was a kid. My degree is in electronics, and my first career choice was broadcast engineering. I was fortunate enough to get some advice from a broadcast engineer I worked for, he pointed me down the road to digital, and computing. The broadcast engineering market was in decline and IT was on the rise in the late 80’s. I’m happy with my choice to pursue an IT career, it has severed me well, but my love for electronics and amplification has never left me. Building these projects in the winter (Ohio, US) keeps me busy and fulfils my interest and passion in audio amplification.

I built a new house back in 2013, and now have a hobbie shop in the basement (picture above). Having the space to work on my projects is awesome!!!

The name "poweredrire.net"... Back in 2005 I was reading an audioXpress article about minimalist amp design. The author (Larry Lisle) described the mythical amplifier, “straight wire with gain”, thus the URL name for the site was conceived “the powered wire” or the short DNS form “poweredwire.”

What fun is it to build something if you can't share it... --- pjb